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The Best Natural Ingredients

We’re committed to using nature’s finest ingredients to craft our premium, natural dog food. We carefully select only the best ingredients from farmers we know and trust. Then, our experts create the perfect combination of high-quality proteins, antioxidant-rich fruits, highly digestible whole grains and healthy oils to ensure your dog gets the best nutrition possible. Roll over the elements below to learn more about our natural ingredients, premium blends and health benefits.

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Lean Protein Blend

Our lean protein blend provides complementary
amino acids that work together to help keep your
dog’s muscles strong and make our food
taste great.

Farm-Raised Chicken

Featured in our lean protein blend, this
high-quality protein source adds flavor to our
holistic dog food. It also promotes lean
muscle mass, healthy joints and strong
teeth and bones.

Omega-Rich Salmon

This delicious fish is a part of our lean protein
. It helps build lean muscle mass and
promotes a sharp mind and strong joints.

Pasture-Fed Lamb

This high-quality protein source is highly
digestible, helps build lean muscle mass and
is a part of our lean protein blend.

Whole Grain &
Natural Oil Blend

We’ve created a unique blend of natural sources
of omega fatty acids, zinc, copper and selenium.
These nutrients come from our natural
ingredients and provide health benefits,
such as radiant skin and a healthy coat.

Rolled Oats

This fiber-rich, nutrient-dense grain is perfect
for promoting easy digestion and heart health.
It’s found in our healthy whole
grain & natural oil blend

Whole Flaxseed

As a part of our whole grain & natural oil
, flaxseed is a grain-free seed and a natural
source of omega-3 fatty acids for a healthy skin
and coat and a sharp mind.

Whole Brown Rice

This wholesome grain, found in our whole
grain & natural oil blend
, is good for digestion
and is easy on sensitive stomachs.

Pure Sunflower Oil

This oil has omega fatty acids to promote a
healthy skin and coat and a sharp mind.
It’s an essential part of our
whole grain & natural oil blend.

Powerful Antioxidant Blend

Our natural dog foods contain a variety of fruits
with vitamins, antioxidants and phytonutrients
that act together to help strengthen your dog’s
immune system.

Farm-Grown Pumpkins

This healthy fruit is a part of our powerful
antioxidant blend
. It promotes good digestion
for sensitive stomachs and sharp vision.

Vine-Ripened Tomatoes

This vibrant fruit is a vital member of our
powerful antioxidant blend. It’s packed with
antioxidants that help support immunity and
heart health.

Nutritious Cranberries

This natural source of vitamin C is in our powerful
antioxidant blend
and helps support immunity.

Ruby-Red Pomegranates

This unique fruit is rich with antioxidants that
help strengthen your dog’s immunity. You can find
it in our powerful antioxidant blend.

Sun-Ripened Blueberries

As a part of our powerful antioxidant blend,
this little berry gives immunity a big boost. It also
promotes heart health and a sharp mind.