Our Nutritional Philosophy

Nature’s Very Best Ingredients®

At The ULTRA™ Brand, our nutritional philosophy is simple: we only use nature’s very best natural ingredients. We carefully select our premium ingredients from farmers we know and trust, and never outsource manufacturing. We believe in natural. Natural is good. Nutritious. Pure.

A Concert of Natural Ingredients Working in Unison

We combine whole high-quality, nutrient-dense ingredients to create powerful blends that work together to increase dogs’ strength. This provides your dog with a vast array of antioxidants, proteins and whole grains that help promote a long, healthy life. We also fortify all of our natural dog foods with essential vitamins, minerals and taurine.

From Start to Finish, We Control the Process

The Nutro Company always has control over the entire creation process — from overseeing ingredient sourcing to ensuring ingredient quality to testing all of the finished products. No one invests more than we do in quality and safety. And we do it all right here in our company-owned U.S. facilities.

To learn more about our dog food safety and quality, visit The Nutro Company site.

Each ULTRA™ product is a super-premium dog food that is specially made to cater to dogs of all ages—from puppies to seniors—by uniquely combining natural ingredients.

Because it’s not just about having the very best natural, holistic ingredients. It’s about having the best combination of them.

ULTRA™ UTLRASSENTIAL® SuperFood Ingredients

Nature's Very Best Ingredients®
Our high-quality dog foods feature the perfect blend of the finest ingredients to provide your dog with health benefits.
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