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Compare ULTRA™ Food for Dogs to other leading dog food manufacturers. Discover how our perfect blend of nature’s finest ingredients delivers real benefits to help your dog live long and thrive. Find out what makes our natural dog food different!
ULTRA™ Uses Natural and Holistic Fruits and Vegetables
ULTRA™ Dog Food Uses 3 Premium, Lean Proteins
ULTRA™ Dog Food Uses Whole Grains and Natural Oils

Nature’s Very Best Ingredients.™ Perfectly Combined.

Combining whole, natural ingredients increases their strength, providing a variety of nutrients that work together for the best nutrition possible. It’s not just about having the best ingredients; it’s about having the best combination of them. Find out how your dog food compares.

Powerful Antioxidant Blend

Give your dog premium nutrition for a strong immune system. Every sun-ripened fruit and farm-grown vegetable in ULTRA™ Food for Dogs provides different vitamins, antioxidants and phytonutrients that act synergistically to help strengthen your dog’s immune system. Find out how your dog food compares to our super-premium dog food.

Lean Proteins Blend

Help promote strong muscles. Our super-premium dog food uses farm-raised chicken, pasture-fed lamb and salmon to provide complementary amino acid profiles that work together to help keep your dog’s muscles lean and strong. How does your dog food compare?

Whole Grain & Natural Oil Blend

Give your dog a radiant skin and coat. Ingredients such as whole brown rice, rolled oats and natural sunflower oil provide a combination of natural sources of omega fatty acids, zinc, copper and selenium that support a healthy skin and coat. Compare your dog food with The ULTRA™ Brand.

See The ULTRA™ Ingredient Difference

See the Ingredient Difference

Only ULTRA™ Dog Food has just the right blend of protein, premium fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and natural oils. Compare our natural ingredients to your dog’s food, and see for yourself.
See the difference
ULTRA™ Dog Food is 100% Made in the USA
Made in a Company-Owned Facility in the USA
ULTRA™ Dry and Wet Recipes are made exclusively in our company-owned facilities. We don’t outsource our products to third parties so we can ensure the source and quality of every ingredient and test every finished product. No one invests more in quality and safety than we do.

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NUTRO® ULTRA™ Food For Dogs: A unique blend of natural ingredients to help your dog reach peak vitality.
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